24/7 Monitoring starting at $25.99/month



Cellular Alarm Monitoring is the new standard in security monitoring for your home or business. Without the need to drill or re-wire, cellular monitoring operates on a dedicated cellular channel. The system sends a wireless signal via a secure, encrypted transmission to the Monitoring Center in case of an emergency. Cellular monitoring uses its own dedicated network to send and receive signals, so you do not need a cell phone to upgrade to cellular monitoring.


cellular monitoringYou'll stay connected, no matter what.
Because the cellular signal is transmitting on a separate, secure wireless network, cellular monitoring means being in constant communication with the central monitoring station even when:

■ Extreme weather causes power outages and lines are cut.
■ You change telephone service provider.
■ Burglars cut your lines prior to entry

Turn your phone into a remote control for your home or business.
With cellular monitoring and a smartphone, tablet or computer, you have access to many features, such as:

■ Remote Arm & Disarm
■ Remote Lock & Unlock
■ Climate Control
■ Lighting Control
■ Live Streaming Video Surveillance
■ Real Time Alerts
■ Remotely answer your door with audio/video live stream



Aurora Security provides the highest level of quality in home security and monitoring in California. When deciding on what type of alarm to install, we offer multiple options for our customers to choose from: basic alarms systems to full automation of your home or business .


Already have an alarm system installed in your home but would like to upgrade? Aurora Security can upgrade your home security system to the newest, most innovative interactive security system on the market. This system provides our customers with the latest in home or business security. Additionally with this system, we are able to offer a technology that eliminates the requirement of having a home phone.


Aurora Security provides our customers with the highest level of quality in monitoring services. Our monitoring services are available in California and do not require an alarm system that was installed by Aurora Security. Contact us today for details on monthly rates and any special offers.

Two-Way Voice Monitoring is the newest in home security technology. It provides the best way to keep your family safe and your home secure by reducing the number of steps taken with traditional digital alarms. When an alarm is triggered with Two-Way Voice Monitoring, the monitoring center is able to instantly communicate with you via hands free receivers installed in your home. This eliminates the risk and requirement of answering the phone to verify your emergency. In the event of an emergency, answering the phone may not be possible. Avoid this risk by selecting a Two-Way Voice Monitored System. All of our alarm systems are capable of providing Two-Way Voice Monitoring, contact us today to find out more about this technology!

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