24/7 Monitoring starting at $25.99/month

Smart Security Solutions

Aurora Security is the smart choice when it comes to choosing a company to install your Interactive Security System, because we only use the highest quality products for residential and business applications.

We’ll be able to setup your entire system, custom tailor to your exact needs. Then we will show you and members of your family or business how to use all it’s features on the HD display and our Interactive Security App.


Smart Panel Video ➤

See the amazing features and ease of use this HD Display has to offer.


Control your thermostat, lighting ad doorlocks with just one tap. With the Aurora Security App, you can adjust multiple devices instantly while you’re away from your home or business.

Interactive Security Panel

Home Owners and Business Owners can see their system status at a glance with our user friendly HD color Touchscreen Display.

Stop paying for monthly landline connection fees! It's not required with Cellular Alarm Monitoring. Our systems come standard with a Cellular LTE Module for reliable cellular transmission 24/7 and cellular monitoring of all wireless system devices.

Have Peace of Mind your system will never be interrupted from loss of power with the Back-Up Alarm Battery Pack.

The touchscreen display is a HD color screen featuring a user-friendly interface providing safety and a peace of mind. The easy to use touchscreen provides system owners with at-a-glance home status information, allowing easy and convenient control. This touchscreen is the ideal solution for providing additional points of control throughout the protected property. Up to four touchscreens can be installed for maximum convenience.

User friendly for all ages.
Built-in Ethernet and LTE Cellular dual path communicators.
Built in Bluetooth LTE for automatic disarming when you come home.
Built in 5MP Camera snaps a photo when the alarm is disarmed.
Built in ZWave Plus to control ZWave locks, lights, thermostats, and more.
Built in glass break sensor.
Built in panel WiFi access point extends WiFi range for connected WiFI devices.
Built in stereo speakers and microphones.
Photo frame screensaver function.
Wall mount or table top with included stand.

Smart Devices That You Control Remotely

Wireless Window & Door Contact Sensors provide total perimeter protection from intruders, for your home or business 24/7.

Wireless Window & Door Contact SensorsCOMPONENT FEATURES:
■ 10+ Yr Maximum Battery Life.
■ Easy Mounting in Tight Spaces.
■ Optimized Range Performance.
■ Advanced Circuit Design for Reliability & Efficiency.
■ Compatible w/All Control Panels & Receivers.

Wireless Smoke Detectors are safer and more reliable than the outdated wired alarms.

Wireless Smoke DetectorCOMPONENT FEATURES:
■ Long Life 3V Lithium Battery Operated.
■ Learn Mode for Easy Programming.
■ Reliable 319.5MHz Crystal Transmitter.
■ Low Battery Pre-alarm Sent to Control Station.
■ Integral Heat Detection.
■ Hush Feature.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors can sense danger when you can’t. Protect your family, home or business today with this smart device.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide DetectorsCOMPONENT FEATURES:
■ UL compliant.
■ Six-year sensor.
■ Transmits sensor end-of-life.
■ Continuous performance w/self-diagnostics.
■ One-touch TEST/HUSH button.

Wireless Motion Sensors can detect intruders in large, open areas and monitor multiple entry points in your home or business.

Wireless Motion SensorsCOMPONENT FEATURES:
■ Detects movement inside and enclosed structures.
■ Includes long-life lithium batteries.
■ 3-Minute Motion Lockout to conserve battery life.
■ Optional lenses available for pet owners.

If you’re alone in your home or business and are faced with an emergency, a Wireless Personal Panic Button can alert an ambulance or police in an instant.

 Wireless Personal Panic ButtonCOMPONENT FEATURES:
■ Activates Police, Fire or Auxiliary Alarms.
■ Works with all 319.5 MHz Alarm Panels.
■ UV-Resistent & Water-Resistant Rating.
■ May be Configured as a Pendant.

Monitored Wireless Glassbreak Sensors can stop a burglar in their tracks, or let you know if damage is occurring to any protected glass barrier on your property.

Monitored Wireless Glassbreak SensorsCOMPONENT FEATURES:
■ False Alarm Immunity Performance.
■ Adjustable to Room Size.
■ Alarm Memory.
■ End-user can test sensor by clapping.